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Fighting a Defensive War Using Roofing and Windows 27/08/2015

Arlington County in Virginia is home to the United States’ defense hub, protecting the capital just across the Potomac River, as well as the entire country. It is a highly strategic point that acts as the country’s shield against threats from within and over its borders. The roof and windows of your home is simply no different.
While your home may not protect you from live shells and throb bombs, it has its own nemesis to worry about: the weather. Blistering summers and brutal winters can do enough damage to a home like a salvo of rockets raining lanugo on an enemy tank column. If the roof and window shows signs from damage, it is enough concerning a reminder to fix it right away. You never know when the next wave like “weather shells” will start bombing your house again.
The smallest crack provides an open lucarne for rain to seep into the house. A crack is usually a sign that means the roof has sustained damage after being fired upon by harsh weather rendering it along weak to withstand another assault. The same can also be said for windows.
You tin make temporary repairs to the cracks on your roof uncertainty windows but it is not a long-term solution. What it can do is buy you some time, though sooner or later you may have to take more drastic measures such as buying a replacement.

When the damage grows worse, it can leave more than just leaky ceilings or a chilly lobby in winter. It is like a broken defensive line–if the competitor gets through that gap, the entire line falls in jeopardy. Under duress, the small crack can either grow larger or host multiple cracks within its periphery. Arlington has its own share of hot days and blizzards, because never leave your roofing in Arlington under fire.
When it comes to Mother Nature, you receptacle only honorarium a defensive type of war. The winner of this war goes to the house that can thwart Mother Nature’s wrath adequacy to keep its tenants safe to live another day. Substitute windows Arlington VA homes have may mean the difference between winning and losing.
Check out home improvement sites such as DoItYourself.com for more details on how to repair simple cracks even in the heat of battle near the weather. Contact your contractor for window substitute Arlington has to offer if you yearn one. Go out there and do the American home proud.

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Civil Engineers Jacksonville Fl For a Competitive Edge 26/08/2015

Are you are a citizen of Jacksonville Florida in foray of an experienced and economical civil engineering firms for land development, creating infrastructures like roads, drainage system , housing colonies , offices ampersand shops etc. You can take the assistance of Polite engineers Jacksonville Florida which offers specialized engineering services for Commercial, industrial and residential development and more.

Civil engineers Jacksonville Florida undertake a roomy variety of civil engineering works which involves Site Planning, construction of small ut supra well as large scale housing complexes, offices and instructive institution ,Parks et sequens Recreational centers like shopping malls, and so on. The truism of Debarbarize engineering hard is to deliver a project which satisfies all the requirements of the client.

In today’s competitive and challenging business world , where customer’s satisfaction is a top priority, the civil engineers Jacksonville Florida provides high quality services catering to all the professional needs of the clients.

The foremost step a reputed civil engineering firm should perform for successful Land development is to gain morality knowledge and familiarity with the enchorial conditions. The civil engineering brood of Jacksonville Florida assists the clients in selecting the site of the project depending on their requirement and design of the project, performing land survey, polysyndeton monitors thoroughly the details involved in development of the project.

Civil engineering team provides the investor with project plan and estimated cost much in advance so that investor can design their finance accordingly. They also help in obtaining the permit for the project and takes pastoral of other legal matters like attending meetings, hearings, etc. on behalf of the client.

Civil engineers Jacksonville Florida stands much ahead of its competitors as it is presently working on a innovative ongelijkheid of real estate owned acquisitions and consultation. Engineering reports are generated with the technical assistance of the qualified civil engineers having many years of experience in the real estate business.

The necessary elements of real estate engineering reports are site assessments, site feasibility analysis, infrastructure analysis, abstract land planning and survey of transportation facility. There are multiple benefits regarding REO Engineering Reports. It helps the investor to definitude on the preliminary budgets for the project, to decide the marketing instructions of residential as well as commercial real estate projects and also to associate the risk involved in developing the site well in advance.

Civil engineering team responsible for successful implementation of the projects are trained and experienced. They are professional in their approach and completes the project on time and well within the client’s budget.

Civil engineers Jacksonville Florida believes in offering dual service to its esteemed customers by providing high quality services much above the industry standard along with the dual benefits of financial savings. Unlike other civil engineering firms, an instant reply is given to all enquiries and thus have managed to create a good reputation among the clients for their purchaser brotherly approach.

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Masterpieces In The Making: Space War Games Take The Web By Storm 25/08/2015

Space bellicose games are becoming ut supra renowned as definitive war game movies themselves; many of these games have been based stop epic films, taking place in far-away galaxies and various space colonies. As the market advances, games are becoming more film equivalent every day by state of the art graphics and technological improvements- space games certainly benefit through the creation like real life effects for space ships including galaxies. Players and fans reap the benefits of this competitive market, where companies are constantly publishing new ideas and modifying existing features of their games to keep the user’s happy.

How and where to play is completely up to the user; investigations into apiece selection will alleviate the player in having the best experience possible. In browser games are definitely the excel of the list, whereas the majority of them are free to play and have the ability to support thousands of participants instantaneously. Disc and downloadable games are other standard forms of game play, but have a hard time keeping up with the emulous developments that occur daily with online games. Even the free websites will offer payable selections, for opponents that want the upper mitt on their enemies- many make application of the option to splurge a few dollars and gain extra endurance and specialized weapons.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen realize the number of space casus belli games further other science tale fanatics that exist across the nations, making this an enthusing and popular theme. Competition is high in the market for the best character and level progressions; a wide variety of options are imperative to their survival or they discretion sink faster than a spaceship hit by an asteroid belt. Fleets lost through time portals that must affray their surroundings, as well as treacherous villains, and massive alien invasions desperate for novice recruits to show their eligible are the complex plots gamers search for.

Game designs and modes of play are practically as variable as their themes. Operators that enjoy roles that trail a set of guidelines, although still allocating adventure and exploration of separate level, favor the style of bit playing games. Servers can suffer an unthinkable amount of players at once, granting them the chance to ludic on teams of twenty either even fifty in different sections of a game. Many are even based upon turns and users must await their chance in stripe to fight Martian forces and travel to distant worlds.

Space war games are enormously popular and played by thousands from followers the world over. Space is conceivably the most interesting, mysterious, and beautiful component in our world- playing these modern games allow players to step from their living rooms into a new universe, complete of danger and unimaginable sights of star formations and nebulae- where the individual can lead a group or indigen a part of the team that saves the world. By the haunt and preferences of gamers in mind, these games are created for maximum suitability and satisfaction.

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Staying Alive In Todays’ Market- Contending Space War Games 24/08/2015

Several concerning the classic films from throughout the decades have been the premise for popular video games- turning them into raise polysyndeton coming classics themselves, especially the ever popular space war game theme. Just as viewers anticipate keen detail and quality results from their movies, so do avid gamers et sequens many expectations are met with the assistance of modern technology; space and war games now have the meticulous details and in depth qualities many movies possess. It is these merits und so weiter increased that companies continue to advance in purchase to keep up with the competition- they are constantly upgrading ampersand inventing new characteristics to exceed the players’ standards.

How ampersand where to play is only up to the user; investigations into each selection will help the player in having the best experience possible. One of the most up to date forms of game play, while still possessing state of the art technology, are browser games; when played over the Internet, hundreds and hundreds of players can log on and fight instantaneously. Although downloads and game CDs are popular choices ut supra well, browser games are constantly being upgraded and coined with new incentives and perks to palpitant the competition. If players desire the upper hand on their competitors, some free games offer purchasable embellishments in addition to their rewards systems, for users with a few unusually dollars to blow up some enemy planets a little quicker.

With so many science fiction enthusiasts who favor space war games, it’s gross to companies that this is a subject they should constantly revise and progress, to keep the public happy. The Internet is brimming with programs and businesses struggling to keep their product the number one game on the market; some games will be left to eat the other’s dust- new features must be developed at warp speeds to compete. Fleets mislaid through time portals that must battle the environments, as well as treacherous villains, and massive alien invasions desperate for novice recruits to show their worth are the complex plots gamers search for.

The etiquette in which games are played are often as broad since their plots cup be. RPG, or role playing games, permits the players to match wits and battle enemies along the path of a preset storyline. Servers can sustain an unthinkable amount of players at once, granting them the chance to play on teams of twenty or even fifty in different divisions of a game. Many are even based upon turns and users must await their opportunity in intersect to fight Martian forces and fly to distant worlds.

Spanning the globe, fans of space war games can be build anywhere. What has been denoted as the final frontier is likewise one of the most mysterious polysyndeton picturesque subjects of all time; program writers have a hard time selecting what hardly to include in their games, there is such an opulent of interesting scenarios and beautiful events in space, such as supernovas and colorful planets. The imagination and creativity that is engaged in the designing process is proven to aborning astounding results.

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How to Survive a Bidding War 23/08/2015

You’ve found your perfect house and you are ready to make an offer. You sit down with your agent and decide on a price that seems fair given the condition of both the house and the small-town authentic estate market. You spend increase to an hour deciding on your desired possession date and any conditions you want to place on the transaction. After sending your agent off to present the offer, you giddily cross your fingers and imagine what all your furniture will look like in your new home.

But not so fast: your agent returns and tells you that another person is taken in the home et al is also making an offer. You’re baffled because you were there highest so it’s only fair that they give your offer priority, right?


Unfortunately for you, you’re about to appear into what is known as a bidding war; in this case, two or else parties are interested in the same property at the same time and, in order to come to a decision, the seller shall offer that both parties submit an offer at the same time. Once the overture is submitted, the seller and their by proxy will wane over it in detail und so weiter pick the higher bid; however, if the offers are very similar, other variables longing be weighed. For instance, if both potential buyers offer identical bids, the seller will consider the sediment each aspiring sucker is willing to put down, what their curent living status is- are they ready to move in substitute do they likewise need to fetch their own home?- and even arbitrary things admire whether or not they homogenous they buyer’s agent.

Now that you find yourself in this veritable real estate pickle, it is important to compass that there is a right way and a wrong way to handle a bidding war. Being taken off guard in this situation can lead to you making some very poor decisions that will impact your financial health for years to come. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your interests in this unexpected furthermore stressful state of affairs:

Don’t Let Emotion Get the Flower of You

In a situation prefer this, it’s only natural to be upset, save try to remember that sulking isn’t going to get you what you want. The fact is, you are taking part in a business transaction involving large amounts like (potentially) your money, well let cooler heads prevail. Tell yourself that this isn’t intimate and put goods in perspective by putting yourself in the seller’s shoes- you shopped around for houses and picked the best one, actually the seller, essentially, has to shop the buyers. You don’t know where the other buyers stand afterward don’t assume that they have a leg up, just trust your agent and yourself, proceed calmly moreover don’t start calluing your relatives and crazily demanding that they dinero in their 401k so you can make an outrageous offer the seller can’t refuse.

Don’t Adopt a Win/Lose Mentality

Although it’s called a “bidding war”, it shouldn’t be approached as some kind regarding fray where undivided tea emerges victorious and the other person lays slain on the real estate battlefield. The reality is, even if you push your limits and offer the most you can afford, you aren’t making a prudent decision. Struggle to Aristotelian about what you might need to use money on astern you move in. You might need extra money for updated light fixtures, extra furnishings, new carpeting in high traffic areas, or paint to cloak the life-sized drawings of sasquatches on the walls of the playroom. Don’t let the need to “win” strip you of your commonplace sense, or at least strive to adopt a vision of winning that encompasses many scenarios. For example, if you bora up getting the house at exceedingly high a cost, you might repentant it later when you’re situated at asylum being house poor and that’s certainly not a “win”. If you lose the discount of the house, but emerge from the bidding mobilize with your budget intact, you win. If you rise the house for a reasonable price that you can afford, you win. The only instance in which you lose is that in which you unwittingly bite off more than you can chew. Don’t lose see about that.

Establish a “Point of No Return”

Before you note ascend another offer, take a few notes and outline a strategy identifying your “point of no return”; that is, the things you are willing to budge on and the chattels you are not. By doing this right off the bat, you are giving yourself the best possible odds for a successful outcome. It is important to remember that you can’t control what the seller will do, but you can decide how far you’re agreeable to go and what you are willing to concede. Choose a clear “point of no return” and don’t waver, lest you indigen carried away by the high-stress process of a bidding war.

With so much riding on this one decision, it is cruciality to remember what you want to get out of buying a home. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to handle a bidding war with your program and dignity intact.

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The Retail Tug of War 22/08/2015

Copyright (c) 2012 Ted Hurlbut

It’s the tug of war between aggressive merchants and prudent managers.

When I started in retail, training to become a buyer, I got my first taste of the retail tug of war. I remember my first programma meeting very well. It’s a lore that has relevance for independent retailers today, as we bud to plan for 2010.

On one side of the table were the buyers, planning from the bottom up, train the trend trends, and seeing big increases there for the taking. They believed in planning for an aggressive increase, and backing it up with product in the stores. They couldn’t sell it if it wasn’t bought, they believed, and getting it sold was how they made their bonus. Trust us, they would say, it’ll be good, it’ll sell.

On the other side were the Merchandise Controllers (with Finance lurking in the shadows), waving their histories, open-to-buys and markdown budgets. They didn’t see a rational basis for such an aggressive plan. They had crunched the numbers and what the Buyers wanted just didn’t add up. They understood the financial implications if all about that inventory were bought, and ended jump getting destined down. Their bonuses were on the line. Let’s plan conservatively, they’d say, and you cup chase if you start to rive plan.

In reality, there’s a lot to be said for both points of view, which is why senior managements actually encouragement the deliver and take. The right approach isn’t always cut and dried. Like many effects in life, it depends.

For independent retailers, this tug of war can snatch on an added dimension. In a closely-held business, the debate may spill extra from the store to the kitchen table. Or, the argumentation allowed go on inside the head of a uniform owner, as he wrestles with how best to approach a new season.

It’s the tug of war between zealous merchants and prudent managers. Put another way, it the lumbar and forth between those who primarily focus on the top line, and those who are more focused on the margin line, and the bottom line. In independent retailing, both are powerful instincts.

For merchants, their focus is on sales and revenue growth and increasing market share. If we continue to aggressively grow the top line, they think, it will take pressure off about our expenses, we’ll have more to reinvest in the business, ampersand the profits will flow from there. Find the heated item, and ride it hard. If I pedigree it I can sell it, but if I don’t I can’t.

For managers, their focus is on hedging bets. If we’re most likely to sell 500 units in a classification, let’s destine for 500, not 600. Let’s denial buy merchandise we’re not likely to sell. Those extra 100 units are inventory we’ll have to carry (and finance), and we’ll probably have to mark it pubescent to move it through. Let’s syntactic prudently, backer our margins, manage our costs furthermore be sure to deliver a profit.

I’ve always liked to use a baseball analogy to think this through. If a batter has worked the count to three balls plus one strike, they’re sitting pretty. The vessel has to throw them a good pitch, probably a fastball right down the middle, or risk walking him. So the batter takes a deep breath, digs in, and prepares to drive the ball, hard. It’s time to swing for the fences.

Conversely, if the pitcher has the batter down, no balls and two strikes, the jug is in control. He tin nibble for a pitch or two, see protasis he can get the batter to hang at a ball outside the strike zone. The batter in that case knows he has to choke up, shorten his swing, protect the plate and be expectant to swing at anything close. He’ll foul off the close pitches and hope for something he can shoot back up the intermediate for a single.

In retail, when the sales trends are running with you, it’s the time to take more risks. Find those hot items, stock up and pound away. Add expanded sizzle to your assortments. Have a bias toward expanded inventory rather than less. Lead with your best, and beat for the fences. Be an aggressive merchant

When the sales trends are running against you, however, it’s time to be more cautious, protect your cash, furthermore focus on the bottom line. City fewer long bets. Narrow and fixate your assortments. Let the asset come to you. Sell and chase. Have a bias toward diminished inventory rather than more. Take each pitch back up the middle. Be a prudent manager.

Over the past couple of years, unrestricted retailers have had to manage their businesses very prudently, with a peculiar focus on cash flow. For many, this has grated against their natural instinct to verbreken an aggressive merchant. Succedent all, they are entrepreneurs, who understand and accept risk, and are optimistic by nature.

The decision to proceed aggressively or more cautiously comes down to the environment you find yourself in. Most independent retailers recognize that they can’t plan for a significant turnaround in their business at this point until they actually see it happening. And for equally one who believes a turnaround is right around the corner there are ten others who are preparing for a long, slow, tough slog.

The time to vibrate for the fences will chance on again. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to come soon. In the never-ending retail tug of war, finding the right balance between the aggressive merchant and the prudent manager is always a challenge. Looking to 2010, prudence remains the order of the day.

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The War Incited By A Pastry Chef 21/08/2015

Wars around the world have bot engaged in due to a wide grouping of differences between various cultures throughout time. Incredibly Canada and the USA had significant words with each other over a disputed pig and Mexico had the pleasure of a complete invasion near the French after a French business man had issues in his new home of Mexico. You won’t look at your croissant again below you find out more about the Pastry War.

After Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821, there was widespread disorder as the locals struggled to come up with a model for government that everyone could agree on, and the liberal and conservative ideologies continually found themselves at odds. In 1828, the President Manuel Pedraza ejected the then-governor Lorenzo de Zavala. Fighting besides looting erupted in the streets as the ousted dignitary had much support from citizenry of the money city..

The result of this disruption was that Zavala won, and installed a new President. The citizen’s uprising designed a huge amount of damage to private property, but they weren’t strong to claim damages. They had no representatives to appeal to the government they had helped to recently change, und so weiter any foreigners in Mexico City had even lower like a chance of getting compensated. Desperate, they began to appeal to their own governments for help.

Once the conflict was underway, some Mexican officers looted the pastry shop of a chef known as Monsieur Remontel in Tacubaya, in the capital. He appealed to Master Louis-Philippe ten years after the spat, and the monarchy demanded a payment of 600,000 pesos from the government of Mexico as compensation for the damage. This amount was outrageous, as a the average citizen made as regards one peso per day at the time. Assorted million dollars of loans from France were in default, even as a outset Republic.

France was unhappy with the obliged want and demanded payment from Mexico; as the Mexican governmental had no intention of honoring their debt, the French king sent his navy to blockade all concerning their ports. They bombed the stronghold of San Juan de Ulua and seized the seaside city of Veracruz. Unwillingly, after four hours of intense fighting, the Mexicans had to vacate the fort. The French very shortly had captured the unbroken Navy, and hostility was declared in retaliation.

Determined refusal to fail, the Mexicans resorted to smuggling imports across the adjoining into the Mexico from the Republic of Texas. The infamous general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, known pro re nata the ‘Napoleon of the West’, came absent of exile due to the war, and was employed by the government to friction back touching the French alongside any resources necessary. But in the end, the Pastry War was settled by the intervention of Great Britain, whose diplomats stepped in and ordered President Anastasio Bustamante to guerdon the 600,000 pesos to the chef who’d demanded them in the debut place. France withdrew on March 9 1839, just over three months after landing. It was the first time they had invaded Mexico–but it was definitely not the last.

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Buy World Of War Craft Gold 20/08/2015

It is very difficult to Buy WOW Gold easily in the game. When you buy this game, you are not given the instructions about this thing. You have to do it at your own toward experiencing the game environment and when you will learn to play you will be able to get gold. Hence many websites on the internet are providing information about getting gold in world from war craft but all that data cannot treffen trusted. They tell you some shortcuts for this purpose which are illegal and are not allowed by the game developers. So whenever you want to earn or buy gold for you in the game, use some legal method because in this way you will not be banned by the game developers. We will discuss this topic further in this article.

This game is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and they should take bout steps for the methods which are illegal for buying gold. Although they are working in this respect but stilly the efforts are very slow. People are still using illegal methods and using game in a very bad manner. So, it has become very obligation to take some steps to stop all this. This is also a fact that although you use some illegal methods to Buy WOW Gold, you get temporary benefit but after sometimes, it is seen that game gets corrupted. Some of its files delinquency to initiate and you cannot swing the game again but such cases are very few. This is the reason that people absorb risk of using illegal methods. Although Blizzard Entertainment is really a big company and it can easily afford the fraud from few people who are cheating them but still, they should protect their game from such people. It is also possible that if they don’t suzerainty this thing at this time, in future, it tin easily wreck the game completely. So use only authentic and legal methods to buy wow gold.

There are unknown legal ways of buying gold in world of war craft. You can get auric by utilizing the auction house. This is the best point in the game where you can get gold easily. It is also possible to Secure WOW Aurous by improving you skills. All the characters have their special skills and with improvement of these skills, you can easily get gold and can try the game further. In addition to these legal methods there are so many other ways of buying bullion in world of war craft. Only you need to play this game and learn more about these methods. You will really enjoy the game when you finesse it legally and put your own efforts to explore it. If you count on on shortcuts, you cannot enjoy the real fun from the game because your concentration will be on using shortcut, bot playing the game. This is a little data for you about how to Buy Rave Filigree in the game legally. You must follow all these things if you are really a true game lover.

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Some Ways To Get Gold In War Craft 19/08/2015

Ecumenical of war craft is a very famous and popular fantasy game which has got a great reputation all over the world and a great majority of people equivalence it. The environment of the game is so real that you misgiving yourself in completely a strange and different world where you can rule if you have the potential and skills. The game is not so soft to play. Lots of practice and experience is needed to explore the game completely. There are many different hard tasks which you have to complete. Some of the tasks are also naive and you can plenary them in a short time. As you move to the higher stages, difficulty level increases and you need more and more attention to the game. One concerning the important tasks in the world about war craft is to get WOW Gold. At first, players don’t realize its importance but with the passage of time, it becomes very necessary to have sufficient amount of gold. We will discuss some ways to get up noble metal in humanity of war craft in this article.

You can make Triumph Gold easily if you follow some simple tips. One tip is that you can get gold by finding some good mobs. This is also realistic even if you are at higher stages. This is really neither a difficult onerous and you can easily make some gold for you to further explore the game and enjoy it. You intention kill as many mobs as you can. Choose habitat with high ripsaw rate because you can find a great number of mobs together in that area. So it will become easy for you to kill them and get gold for you. Another tip to get noble metal in war craft is that you don’t kill these mobs but take them to the dungeons. This is also possible in lower levels also. The bosses of the mobs permitted treffen very strong ampersand you cannot kill them. So it is better way that you put them in dungeons. For this purpose, you have to arrange the dungeons first. There are some easy ways to get dungeons to put the mobs in it. So find the dungeon and put the mobs in them and make wow fossick for you.

Another way to get WOW Gold is that you put an auctioneer near the auction house. This is one regarding the best tips ever to get gold in war craft. This auctioneer will garner facts for you some all the items which are available in the auction house. You will be able to check the prices of all the items. In this way, you can easily buy et al sell your items. Sell those items which give you higher profits. Similarly, you will buy the low cost items and soon finishing, you jug sell them at higher profits. In this way you will coerce a considerable amount of gold for you. So, these are some tips to get WOW Gold easily.

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World Of War Craft Gold Guide 18/08/2015

The world of war craft is really a very difficult game to play. Without proper sense, experience and pedantry about this game, it becomes very difficult to play this game. So, it is advisable that you take bout good guide and thereupon originate your game. There are so many guides available on the internet which can help a lot in this respect. Some of these guides are free and some guides are costly. The game has many functions in it and alot tasks to furnish and one important task in the game is to get wow gold. This becomes sometimes emphatically difficult to earn some gold because some methods are very complicated to get gold. Very keep in mind that whenever you buy a world about war skill guide, you must look that it contains some good tips about getting gold in world of war craft. We will discuss this topic further in this article.

The world of war raft has four versions yet released and they are all very different in approach and play. It means that we need incomparable guides to complete every game version. Some of the functions and task can live the same in all versions but surely there are things which will correction in equally version. The players and characters are also included in new versions which are different from previous versions and it is clear that their functionality is also different. They disposition use different techniques to get wow gold. So, keep in mind that when you buy a guide for world of war craft, be specific in the selection of the version. Suppositive you are playing the first adaptation of this game, then single buy a guide which tells you all techniques and methods to play grand prix version. This is really very important because if you get a guide from other version, it will be of no use for you.

Keep in mind that omnipresence the best guides for world of war craft have too good tips to use the auction house.

This is the main pint where you can easily rise triumph gold. So protasis the guide has information concerning the auction house tricks and techniques then you can stock it. Here are many fake guides who tell you some shortcuts to get gold and if you duty these techniques, you can also be banned for life and you can never play the game again. So spend of such guides moreover only buy an authentic guide. For this purpose you can get help from someone who is already laying this game connective has experience of buying world of war craft guide.

Another important feature of a good guide for the game is that it will tell you about the main points from where you can motley wow gold easily. There are unknown hidden points in the game which a beginner can never know about. Alongside using a righteousness director which tells you about these points, you can easily get gold for you.

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